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Top 10 Best Throw Blanket in 2019 Reviews

I am pretty sure most of you here haven’t separate clearly throw and blanket. Though it is one the same kinds of things but it is used in different purpose. You use the blanket to keep you warm during night sleep. But throw is used for the decorative purpose or for use in the living room.

To keep yourself warm and cozy while watching Netflix on your couch, it is compulsory that you need to have a soft throw blanket. You can not just use the blanket from your bedroom. It is heavy and inconvenient for your living room. However, buying a throw might be something you need to pay attention to since there are many types of it on the market. Fortunately, you come to the right page. We will guide you through the top 10 throw blanket reviews this year. The top 10 are the selected products based on our online research and customer survey.

But wait, before you go further, you should know a few things about throw blanket.

  • Be aware of the fabric you are looking for. There are many kinds of materials that make the throw, but only some that are washable in the machine and friendly for long use such as faux fur, flannel, polyester, etc.
  • Be clear about what you need. You may use it for napping only or for night sleep, or for the decorative purposes.
  • Make sure to know about size before click “buy”. You may buy the big one while using for one person only, it does not cause comfort but annoyance.
  • If you have sensitive and allergic skin, be sure what you want to buy. You will bring trouble for yourself as some fabric is not hypoallergenic that cause possible allergy.

10. Exclusivo Mezcla luxury velvet plush throw blanket

  • By: Exclusivo Mezcla
  • Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 6.5 x 5.7 inches

Made of high-quality microfiber polyester, it gives you the fullest comfort and warmth during a cold evening on your couch. Not only light, but it is also wrinkle-free as well. It comes in a size large enough to cover two adults. Just a naughty tips, this would be great for cuddling, just kidding! Interestingly, it is made for longevity use; thanks to its sewn frame and the thick but soft fabric. And if you are interested in decorating your living room, it is the right one. It fits with your couch, chairs, and even your kid’s bed; if you have one. This throw features a soft velvet touch with the rich design that is gentle on your skin and also looks good for decoration as well.

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For care, it is washable and dryable on the machine with no doubt of shrinkage or color fading. Moreover, this soft throw blanket is available in three colors, black, teal and pink; giving you choices to make.

9. Exclusivo Mezcla luxury oversized flannel velvet plush throw blanket

  • By: Exclusivo Mezcla
  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 5.8 x 5.4 inches

Another soft throw blanket from Exclusivo Mezcla, an American company specialize in home and garden products. Similar to the previous one, the materials that make this throw is the top-quality 100% microfiber polyester that does not shrink and fade. Exclusivo Mezcla also features a soft velvet touch with the enriching design; making it the best throw blanket you can buy so far. It also gives you the maximum comfort and warmth regardless of the season you are in. This soft touch flannel throw blanket comes in a larger size than the previous one which is still convenient enough for cuddling and other purposes. Moreover, it also works best as the decorative material for your living room, you can use it on your couch, chair, etc.

As it is light in weight and soft in fabric, it is also easy to care as well. You can wash and dry it in the machine without worrying of shrinkage or color fading. This throw is also available in three colors as well, ivory, gray, and navy blue.

8. Chic Home Elana shaggy faux fur decorative throw blanket

  • By: Chic Home
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19.5 x 18.5 x 6.5 inches

This 2-inch pile decorative throw is made of soft velour velvet that gives you the fullest comfort and warmth while you are watching your favorite TV series on your couch. The material that made this soft throw blanket is the highly selected top quality ultra plush micro mink fabric that is gentle on your skin. It comes in the large size that fit best for two adults. Moreover, not only for your comfort, it is also a great piece of clothing to decorate your living room, you can either cover it on your couches, chairs, or other furniture.

Interestingly, it is also easy to care product as well. You can wash it in the machine with cold water cycle and mild detergent. And dry clean is recommended to keep your throw for longer use. For color-wise, you can choose from six different colors, beige, white, silver, teal, taupe, and throw.

7. Napa Luxury Shu velveteen throw blanket

  • By: Napa
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13.4 x 12.7 x 5.3 inches

And here is yet another throw blanket that you can buy now. It is the soft velveteen-made throw that offers you the maximum warmth and coziness regardless of what season you are in. Napa makes this throw according to the standard size of throw, 50″ x 60″, which is conveniently fit two adults cuddling each other. The materials of microfiber velveteen do not only give you the softest touch but also the lightweight and durability of this throw as well. It is all credit to the top quality fabric and efficient design. Moreover, you can also use it as the decorative clothing for your living room. Transform your room looks by covering it on some furniture.

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However, you will find it a little drawback of this product as you need to hand wash it only. The velveteen fabric is not friendly with your machine. This soft throw blanket comes in the wrap plastic package, making a great item to buy as a gift. It is also available in a wide range of colors. There is Napa’s throw blanket in black, blue, pink, gray, wine, brown, purple, and latte; 8 in total. So you have a choice of your favorite colors.

6. Bertte Ultra velvet plush decorative strip throw blanket

  • By: Bertte
  • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 3 inches

It seems like velvet is the favorite type of fabric for throw since this is another throw in the list made of velveteen. The fabric is the top-notch high quality 100% polyester microfiber that gives you fullest comfort and warmth in every season. More interestingly, this soft throw blanket does not shed, fade or shrink after many times washing; making it a perfect item for longevity use. This lightweight throw blanket comes in the standard large size of 50″ by 60″ that can fit two adults perfectly. Apart from the comfort, it is also the decorative throw that you can drape in over sofa, chair or any furniture in your house.

Different from the previous products, Bertte features the elegant and rich-in-taste design with the stripe pattern that makes it look more classy and stylish. This Bertte’s throw blanket is available in seven colors ranging from light beige to smoke gray, all featuring the stripe pattern and strongly sewn frame. And lastly, about the care instruction, you can conveniently wash and dry it in your machine.

5. Chanasya Sherpa fuzzy fur throw blanket

  • By: Chanasya
  • Item Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.7 x 10.1 x 7.4 inches

Soft, light in weight, and durable. These are the qualities you are looking for in a throw blanket. And you find all of it here in this fuzzy fur soft throw blanket by Chanasya. The design features the luxurious and elegant style making this throw blanket not only work as a comfortable blanket but also for the decorative purpose. You can drape it on your couches, sofa, chairs, and other furniture in your living room. It could turn your room into a relaxing space with simple yet classy design; making it suits best for the photography session. This throw blanket comes in the large size of 65″ by 50″ which is large enough for two adults to fit in.  You can use it as nap cover, or as something to wrap before bonfire moment.

This polyester fabric throw is washable in the machine. You can wash in in gentle cycle with cold water, and tumble dry in low temperature; so it can last forever. And most interestingly, the patterns and available colors of this throw are what make you click buy now. The throw comes in six classic colors, brown, maroon, gray, creme, and light gray. It all comes in the chequered pattern giving it another level of class.

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4. Tache Polar faux fur with sherpa throw blanket

  • By: Tache Home Fashion
  • Item Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 1 inches

With its thick faux fur polyester fabric, this soft throw blanket will give you the fullest warmth and comfort during the freezing nights or during your TV time in your living room. The design features the classy pattern that will give you a “wow” impression. Not only the comfort and warmth, but this throw is also a great item for the decorative purpose. You can decorate your home furniture with this throw, giving your living room the new looks and the atmosphere of the room. Though the throw is made of faux fur fabric, but Tache Home Fashion has guaranteed that the fur was made with the cruelty-free method.

Tache makes this throw blanket available in two sizes, 50″ by 60″, and another one 63″ by 87″. Moreover, you can also choose your favorite one among five colors. And lastly, for the care instruction, you can wash it cold in the machine, but do not bleach. Also, it is recommended to be tumble dried at low temperature.

3. Bedsure reversible fuzzy microfiber sherpa throw blanket


  • By: Bedsure
  • Item Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches

The night is not complete without a warm, comfortable, and soft throw blanket. And this Sherpa throw blanket by Bedsure is the top-range throw you can find on the market. The material that makes this throw is the 100% microfiber polyester which is light in weight and also doesn’t shrink when in use for some time. More interestingly, this throw features the reversible design in which each side of the blanket are soft and both can give you fullest comfort. A soft flannel on one side and a sherpa on another side. Both sides are bound together with the knit-trim edging frame for the elegant looks and durable purpose. This Bedsure’s throw is a great item for personal use at home, you can also use it as the decorative cloth covering your furniture.

And for decoration, you surely need to look for your favorite colors. This soft throw blanket is available in eight colors ranging from navy blue to textured gray. Moreover, you can also choose the size between the one in 50″ by 60″ and 60″ by 80″, it’s your choice to choose the one for your own comfort. For care, you can wash it in the machine with cold and tumble dry mode in low temperature. But it is recommended not to bleach this blanket. Not to forget to mention, this throw’s high-density fabric is hypoallergenic which make it friendly even with those who has sensitive and allergic skin.

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2. Chanasya Fuzzy faux fur sherpa throw blanket

  • By: Chanasya
  • Item Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.3 x 8.6 x 5.3 inches

This is the second throw from Chanasya that makes it here in the top 10 this year, and it is the number two greatest throw of the year. It claims this rank for some reasons, indeed. Firstly, its materials that make this blanket is the high-quality faux fur that does not shed color after washing. It offers you the maximum comfort and coziness to your gentle skin with its soft fabric and fur. Second, the luxurious design of this throw makes it look elegant and also classy at the same time. It can be useful for your photography session to some point. Third, it comes in the standard size of blanket, 65″ by 50″ which can fit two adults perfectly. Great for cuddling, shout out to any couple. You can use it as cover for day nap or for camping night under freezing temperature.

Chanasya makes this faux fur soft throw blanket available in nine elegantly classic colors, varies differently from aubergine to dark chocolate. You would be surprised seeing some color. Moreover, apart from the standard size, you can choose a big one for queen size bed, 92″ by 85″ and another one in 60″ by 70″. For care instruction, you can wash it in the machine, but only on gentle cycle with cold water, and tumble dry mode at very low temperature.

1. Bedsure flannel fleece soft throw blanket

  • By: Bedsure
  • Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.8 x 3.5 inches

And now, we have reached the top of the list. The throw blanket that crowns the list in 2019 is the flannel fleece soft throw blanket from Bedsure. This company actually has two products here, and they are all in the top 3. And that should be the reason you will buy this one. This throw is made of 100% microfiber polyester and the soft flannel that offer you the fullest warmth and comfort for your gentle skin. Moreover, the fabric is also light in weight and durable as well, it is resistant to the wrinkle and fade after washing. With this soft throw blanket, you can stay under this sheet all day along regardless of the season you are in. It also makes a great gift for your friends or family members.

For color choices, Bedsure makes this throw available in nine colors such as ivory, light blue, navy, red, gray, brown, camel, sage green, and purple. It is a struggle selecting one among these elegant-looking colors. And the throw is designed with customized size according to your needs. There are the standard size (50″ x 60″), twin bed (60″ x 80″), queen size (90″ x 90″), and the king size (108″ x 90″). Eventually, it is also an easy-to-care throw as it is washable in the machine.

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