Top 5 Best Place to Visit Vietnam

Vietnam is one on of the southern Asia country and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. When you mention the name, Vietnam in most cases the first thing to click in people minds is the 1955-1975 war. However, the current Vietnam has recovered from the war and is soaring higher. The tourism industry is one of the fastest developing. There are many places where one can enjoy the adventure, Viet dishes, and stunning beaches. These sites range from the coastal regions to mountainous areas suitable for hiking. Below is an overview list of the top 5 places to visit while on tour in Vietnam.

5. Huế

The site is one of the UNESCO world heritages. If you love about the culture and history, this one is the perfect place for you to visit. It is about 700 km from the country’s capital city Hanoi and along the Song Huong-perfume River. Under the Nguyen dynasty, Hue served as the national, political, cultural and economic capital of Vietnam. There is a myriad of things, which one can see while in this former capital city. Some of the stunning features include tombs for emperors. The tombs belonging to several ancient rulers’ graves can be seen along the Perfume River. They are constructed on one of the finest old architecture. The other ones are citadels, for these you will be tired if you take the tour by foot. It is advisable to seek means of transport to have a better exploration. Citadels cover a wide area to the north of Perfume River. Pagodas are structures that feature beautiful looking constructions design souring 21meters high. While in Hue, there are also other activities to engage in such as sunbathing, hot springs and one can pay for a boat ride. Boat trips offer a chance to explore the area well while appreciating nature’s beauty along Perfume River. For dishes, one can have a variety unique Hue dishes such as com-hen and bahn bot loc.

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4. Sapa

For the people who like hiking on mountainous terrain, Sapa will serve you correctly. The place is situated on the in the northwestern part of Vietnam. The place is very steppe hence; it is advisable to make the hike when there is no much rainfall on March-May and September –December. The journey usually starts from the capital city, Hanoi and takes between one to 7days or more depending on the transport arrangement. Once on the Sapa, one can enjoy the circuit around the highlands. There are beautiful sceneries such as terraced rice paddies in the steppe terrains, and you can buy souvenirs from the local people. If you happen to be there by a weekend, you can enjoy the market experience, which happens on Saturdays. On the market, one can buy local outfit earrings and necklaces. From Sapa one can proceed to Tram Ton Pass, which is the highest point in Vietnam. Then from there one can organize a special private trip with local guides to trek up to the highest mountain peak known as Fansipan; it is 3143 meters above the sea level you will also be able to see Thac Bac waterfall which is 100m high.

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3. Ho Chi Minh City

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The Ho Chi Minh City was started on 1698 and is referred to as the Saigon. It is one of the largest and significant cities in Vietnam due to its role during the war. It has diversified attraction sites where one can enjoy his/her holiday. The abundance of all levels of hotels and restaurants make it ideal for both local and international visitors. One of the most iconic places visits is one the largest and earliest catholic cathedral in Viet called Saigon’s Notre-Dame Basilica. The church was built 125 years ago to offer the praying ground for the French missionaries. It has gone changes over time in a bid to accommodate larger congregation. One of the stunning features is a pair of two bells weighing 28.8 tones. The other place to visit is Vietnam War museum remnant. You cannot say you visited Saigon and left without stepping your foot here. The museum is one offer a real image of how the real war looked like. There are various items displayed in this museum like pictures, films other equipment used during the war. Some of the attendants do narrate to the visitors on how the wars. The other site is Reunification palace; the palace has a lot of history of Vietnam and some of the other remaining of artifacts. Saigon has numerous sites that you may never exhaust them, thus, it is worth your visit to enjoy this diversity.

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2. Hanoi

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Hanoi is the current city of Vietnam. It houses different architectural designs ranging from ancient to modern. It also has diversified cultures. The city has many accommodation places thus no need to panic where to spend your vacation. Besides the hospitality sector, there exist a good number of attraction sites. Some of them include; one pillar pagoda this is a house build on the top a pillar by an emperor and gave it to his son. Water puppet theater, the theater offers entertainment to praise the original rice farmer. Their puppets are used to recognize the heroes. Hao Lo Prison, the house was used to keep the prisoners of war captured by the North Vietnamese army, and the original builders were the French though it is known as Hanoi Hilton. Apart from these mentioned sites in Hanoi, there are others, which are very interesting and are worth some of your time.

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1. Halong Bay

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When on vacation in Vietnam and you love the coastal exploration, Halong Bay is the best suite for you. The bay consists of more than 2000 islands, which are predominantly made of limestone. The Bay is one of the natural world wonders under UNESCO world heritage. One can enjoy a cruise ship trips to the islands where you can see many caves, lakes, and sinkholes. Due to the action of water waves, the rocks have changed into and the vegetation cover in these rocks makes them appear like raising dragons hence nicknamed raising dragons. Touring these islets offers a stunning moment that will leave you yearning for more trips.

As we have seen above, traveling to Vietnam for a vacation can provide impressive lifetime moments. From mountainous terrain to the coastal beaches, museums and other natural attraction sites make the country an ultimate place to visit.

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