Top 5 Best Place to Visit in India

India is an ideal country to visit; there is a lot to see and learn from this large Asian country. It is one of the biggest nations on earth, and second most populous. These two facts are enough reasons to make you land in India. However, forget about those, there are other great attraction sites will thrill your holiday. The tourism sector in India is well diversified and is one of the major pillars of economy favorable government policies are hampering this. Attraction sites range from monuments, museums national park and also from health tourism. To understand better we are going to look on the best top 5 places to visit in India.

5. Kanha National Park

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The Khana National Park is also known as Khana Tiger reserve. It is one of the largest national parks that houses tigers. The park is divided into two sections Hallon and Banja. It was founded in 1955 and made a tiger reserve on the 1970s. The park and its buffer zone is a great place to visit to appreciate the wildlife diversity. Once touring this park, there are a lot of activities which one can undertake. It is coupled with beautiful scenes of various forest trees and shrubs. The most appealing ones are bamboo forest and very eye catchy meadow. As you go around the park, you will appreciate the jungle life flavored with magnificent landscapes. It is in this park where you are going to encounter a broad range of wildlife. The large animals include tigers, deer’s, and leopards among others. It is also a home to reptiles and many bird species. Photography is great with tiger spotting being great fun. The best time to visit is during the winter period as summer temperatures are very high sometimes over 40 degrees Celsius. During monsoon period the park is closed, usually from July to October. Accommodation and transport are readily available on arrangement.

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4. Ajanta Caves

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These Buddhist caves are located in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. The caves are 30 in number and are one of best Indian ancient paintings. Their construction can be traced back to the 2nd century. Their initial development was to serve as halls of player to monks. Today they stand intact and are a major tourist attraction. When paying a visit, there is a variety of activities to do. The major one is viewing of the cave. The best panoramic view which is achievable through a viewing platform section on the river gives a glimpse of entire cave area. It is enhanced with a serene environment. Inside the caves are well preserved Buddha paintings and statutes. The caves have reverse pattern numbering system. Some of the caves like number 26 consist of a large hall for prayer purpose and in a reclaiming Buddha statue. There is also a stapa a Buddha in a pavilion. As you get into various caves, the story keeps on changing. The area is reachable through air rail and road.

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3. Amritsar

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Amritsar is a city situated in the north-western part of India, Punjab state. Your visit to India will be not complete if you will go back home without stepping your feet in this city. It is one of the top destination for local and international visitors. Amritsar hosts various top rated attraction sites that even surpass Taj Mahal. The most famous destination is the Golden Temple of Amritsar. The initial temple construction started in 1574. The amazing thing is that it is still operational until today. It boasts a furnishing of over 100 kg of gold, and it appears to glitter. the temple inside is rich in paintings and statues. Another place to visit while on Amritsar is Khalsa College. The college was established over 100 years ago. It offers a real glimpse of a Sikh architectural design. Another prudent idea is Tarn Taran. This one you will have to travel for 24 kilometers to the south. It is an important site having constructed on 1590. Durgiana Temple, the temple is an important destination and also to the history of India. It houses a collection of sculpture from the entire India. Harike Wetland; this lake was made a national sanctuary on 1982. Located between Ferozepur and Amritsar, the lake gets its water from joining of river Sutlej at Harika Ford and Bear River. During the winter, this lake host over 300 bird species.

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2. New Delhi

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New Delhi is the capital if India. Being the capital city, it is the center of political, social and economics functions. The city is one of the highest visitors’ receivers in India. It houses historical monuments, museums, recreational parks and landmarks. Some of the places worth your visit include India Gate. The Indian gate is a memorial that was constructed to commemorate soldiers who perished during world wars and Afghanistan wars. It contains names of all soldiers written on the wall. Lodhi Gardens, the garden was established in 1930 and was called Lady Willingdon Park. As you hover around well-kept grass lawns, you will be able to see scattered sculpture dating 15th and 16th C. the place offers a perfect environment for fitness exercises during the morning times. Qutub Minar, this tower is made of red sandstone, and it dates back 1206 during the slave dynasty. It soars 72.5 meters above the ground. On the wall, there are inscriptions of Quran verses. Qutub Minar has a lot of history, and one can learn more when he/she pays a visit. National Museum, to understand the history of India well it will be an honor to visit the national museum in New Delhi. It falls under the ministry of culture, and it hosts a broad range of pre-historic to pre-history.

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1. Taj Mahal

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This mausoleum is one of the iconic features that distinct the India. It is classified one of 7 world wonders and classified under world heritage by UNESCO. Due to its reputation in the world face, it receives a big number of visitors on daily basis. The construction was completed in 1653. More than 20,000 builders took part in its building the monument. The building material used is a white ivory marble. One of the surprising fact about Taj Mahal is the original plan was to use black marble. However, the quarrel between the Emperor and his son called for a change of plan due to interruptions. The full history is available, and one can learn more through touring the mausoleum.

India is a vast country; this fact makes it one of the top countries with most attraction sites in the region. There is also a wide range of diversity due to its geographical vastness. From the Himalayas Mountains to the coastal beaches, truly India is a country worth your visit.

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