Top 5 Best Place to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is a country lying in the southern part of Asia. The country as seen from maps is made up of numerous islands adding up to 1000. The country is one of the most diversified regarding ethnic classifications; it has over 300 languages that are recognized regionally. Having the 4th largest population in the world, it is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Before the colonization of Indonesia, it had well-organized kingdoms. There exist different attraction sites in the country some natural and other man-made. Now, having looked at brief information concerning this country, let us focus on the top five best places where one can spend their time in Indonesia.

5. Raja Ampat

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The Raja Ampat is located in the Indonesian archipelago. It is one of the coral triangle part, which is traced from the Philippines through Timor and Papua New Guinea. This island is one of the most diversified marine environments housing the 75% of total world corals. The waters here are clear that you will enjoy the serenity of the ocean life without necessarily getting into the water. Many fish species can thrive well in these waters. The fact that Indonesia lies on the equator makes this place suitable for diving, as waters are not to the extreme temperature. The clearness of water further facilitates this beauty. For the surfers, the place is an ideal for surfing. The remoteness of this area means that human activities have not interfered with the natural ecosystem. In turn when in the island you can enjoy a soothing feeling of nature while watching varieties of birds. People who reside there are welcoming, and you can learn some of their ways of life. On the other hand, there is a variety of wooden arts locally made. According to the local travel advisors, the ideal season to visit is between Junes to September. At this time, there is less rainfall and visibility is at maximum.

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4. Mount Bromo

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Mount Bromo is among the active volcanoes in the world. At the top, it actively emits white fumes laden with sulfur oxides. The smoking of this makes it prominent even though it isn’t the tallest. It is housed by Bromo Tengger Semeru National and lies on the sea sand prairie. So far, the mountain is one of most visited sites in the East Java. One of the activities one can engage in is hiking. The hikers ascend in groups starting at dawn. You may opt to use either horse or all-terrain vehicles and jeeps. On the top is you will have an incredible view of the 10km Tengger caldera. As one climbs there are many beautiful scenes, he/she will encounter. When you are lucky, you will find locals celebrating Kasada. The festival involves sacrificing to gods. Besides, there will be a chance to see local architecture of the Poten, which is a Hindu temple. The people usually offer money foods and other stuff where they throw them into the crater. Hiking on this mountain sometimes is dangerous due to frequent and violent eruption thus endangering lives of hikers. If you are planning to take a tour to Mount Bromo, the ideal time is during dry period that is June to August. Accommodation is easy to get depending on the type you want.

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3. Komodo national park

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Komodo national park is located between Sumbawa and Flores. It covers an area of over 1500 km. stretching across several islands; the national park is home to world largest lizard called Komodo. This national park was created in 1982, but gained recognition by UNESCO as world heritage in 1986. Significant biodiversity makes Komodo national park a recommendable place to visit. It is home to more than 227 species of animals. Some of the fascinating animals include Timor deer, endemic rats an orange-footed scrub fowl. You will enjoy watching coral reefs and mangrove forests. There are also local people thus; you can interact with them as you buy some of their arts. Other enjoyable activities include walking trails and spotting dragon (Komodo lizards are also known as dragon lizards). The other exciting activity is watching sea animals through a glass-bottomed boat, and there are other park animals such as pigs, buffaloes, and deer. If you like swimming, the place is suitable for diving not forgetting camping lovers. The best time to visit is when it is dry to enjoy to the maximum. Accommodation is available in the surrounding depending on the preference.

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2. Jakarta

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Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Being the capital it has recently increased in size and population. Currently, it has over 9million residents. The city has much attraction where one can spend his/her time. The first one is the national monument; visiting this iconic monument is not chargeable one has the chance to taste the Indonesian various cultures here. In the monument, there are other places like Museum Gajah Mada. The museum houses different types of artifacts and other arts from all over Indonesia. Ancol Dreamland is another place worth your visit. The recreational park offers some facilities like golf course restraints and nightclubs. It is the largest of its kind in Indonesia. Ragunan Zoo is another park where nature lovers can enjoy. It is a home to 295 species and 0ver 4040 of the specimen. When concluding your tour in Jakarta, it is worth to visit the old town. It consists of old houses creating a historic atmosphere, museums, and other historic features.

1. Bali

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Bali is one of the most popular places on earth; some people even think is the capital city. A tour to Indonesia without visiting Bali is incomplete. It is home to several renowned sites in the world. One of them is Dolphin sightings at Lovina. The place offers a serene environment where tourists flock for dolphin seeing. The journey to the sea starts at very early in the morning where you can experience dolphins jumping from the water. Another exciting place is Ubud; here activities are diverse one has the full range of choice on what to do. You can take yoga bike riding and other indoors activities. The area has a lot to offer from museums, temples, and gorgeous paddy rice fields. You cannot go there and lack something to keep you engaged. Another part of entertainment is agrotourism in Bali Pulina; here you can experience the great coffee flavors as you tour these plantations. The farms are large such that you may think they extend up to the end of the universe. However, it is an enjoyable experience. Other places you can have thrilling moments are Ayana bar on rocks, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, and many others.

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Indonesia is a vast nation with thousands of attraction sites. There is no limitation on where to visit. In this article, we just highlighted some of the best. It is now your turn to visit one of these and experience the soothing feeling.

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